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The Megaflo Vertical SHRU (shower heat recovery unit) transfers heat from discharged waste shower water in to the incoming water supply, placing less energy load on the boiler to raise the temperature to the desired level of comfort. This means that running a bath or taking a shower can cost less or last longer using the same amount of hot water as before. Either way, you can benefit from enjoying enhanced comfort whilst benefitting from lower energy use.

Megaflo Vertical SHRU features a pipe-in-pipe design which comprises of an integral heat exchanger in to a vertical section of waste drain copper pipe. The waste water flows out through the inner pipe whilst the clean cold water passes through the outer pipe, where heat is transferred to it between 15°C - 19°C by the outgoing hot water. Requiring no regular maintenance, the Megaflo SHRU can be installed in new homes or retrofitted to existing properties.

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  • Material internal pipework - Copper
  • Material external pipework - Copper
  • Overall length 2290mm
  • Waste pipe connections - 40mm
  • Mains water pipe connections - 15mm
  • Weight - 5.0kg
  • Recommended shower flow rate range 5.5 to 12.5 l/pm
  • Maximum mains inlet pressure - 10 bar
  • Minimum mains inlet pressure - 0.1 bar





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