Megaflo solar provides the solution at The Building Centre

A high performance solar powered hot water system from Heatrae Sadia has been installed at The Building Centre in central London

04 October 2010

The Building Centre was established almost 80 years ago and is an independent forum dedicated to the provision of inspiration and information to those involved in all aspects of building, construction and architecture.

When a refurbishment was required for part of the building to accommodate new offices, including those from the UK Green Building Council, Heatrae Sadia's Megaflo Solar was selected to meet the hot water demand for the hand-washing, toilets and kitchens located on the first, second and third floors.

Simon Russell, Head of Specification, for Heatrae Sadia, said: "Our products have been featured at the Building Centre for some time now and we're absolutely delighted to have our market leading Megaflo selected to provide the hot water for key area of this environmentally conscious, world class building. Megaflo solar was selected due to its outstanding performance when compared with other similar products on the market, particularly in relation to its ease of installation, energy efficiency, lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions."

The installation coincides with the launch of Heatrae Sadia's new, next generation market leading unvented cylinders, the Megaflo eco.

Megalo eco as been designed by the company against stringent objectives to achieve the ultimate in quality and performance and provide the best possible product for the customer.

As part of the development process, Heatrae Sadia has paid particular attention to heat loss levels and believes this is key to providing efficient operation. The new Megaflo eco loses almost 30 percent less heat than the previous model and this has been achieved by using thermal imagery testing to ensure maximum insulation efficiency.

In addition, extra insulation has been added across all surface areas to ensure it exceeds future European energy directives and with its increased performance in hot water delivery the Megaflo eco is the most sophisticated model yet.


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