Heatrae Sadia's Megaflo Commercial goes back to school to train installers

10 January 2014

The Steve Willis Training Centre, a specialist college in Porchester, near Portsmouth, has installed a Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Commercial unvented hot water cylinder in its training area. The cylinder has been installed to improve the quality of the learning experience it provides to the hundreds of engineers, installers and apprentices who visit the centre every year.

A specialist building services facility, the Steve Willis Training Centre offers professional learning programmes and qualifications in a range of disciplines, from hot water storage systems and gas and oil heating to renewables, refrigerants and health and safety.

Since the facility opened in 2007 it has offered courses in unvented hot water storage systems for domestic installers. It also provides unvented cylinder training to the gas apprentices studying at the centre, to help young people capitalise on the rising demand for unvented hot water in domestic and commercial applications.

A 450 litre Megaflo Commercial cylinder was installed at the centre, enabling the college to offer the same high-quality practical training to commercial heating engineers, widening its offering.

The Steve Willis Training Centre prides itself on having the latest, market leading products installed for students to work on, to better simulate the work they will be doing in their day-to-day work outside of the classroom. 

Megaflo Commercial offers either a six bar or a unique 10 bar operating pressure, integrated Legionella protection that meets HSE L8 recommendations, high flow rates and industry-leading heat recovery times. The cylinders are highly efficient with 100mm of high-quality insulation to ensure the best possible heat retention.

When it is not in use as a training tool at the Steve Willis Training Centre, the Megaflo Commercial cylinder has a secondary use as a buffer tank, taking the heat load produced by the boilers in the training room. This reduces the need for radiators, which in turn maximises the space in the training area and allows more boilers to be fitted.

Steve Willis, owner and managing director of the Steve Willis Training Centre, said: "As an ex-installer, I know there can be a big difference between your training and what happens in the real world.  This is why we try to make our training provision as close as possible to the work that installers will be doing in the field, and this means practising their skills on fully functioning, industry-leading products.  I believe that our approach greatly improves the learning experience for installers and no doubt contributes to our exceptionally high pass rate.”

Jon Cockburn, head of marketing at Heatrae Sadia, said: "This is the first Megaflo Commercial cylinder to be installed in a training facility and we believe it marks a new trend, and is also testament to the appetite for unvented hot water systems in larger applications. 

"By training on a working Megaflo Commercial, installers are becoming familiar with the product and are learning how to properly install it, so they are well-prepared for real life situations.  This will ultimately ensure ease of installation and better quality for end users, with less call backs and greater efficiencies.”

Megaflo Commercial cylinders are available in capacities ranging from 400 to 2,500 litres and come in direct, indirect and solar models, ensuring there is a model available for every conceivable application.  The cylinders are all backed by a 25-year warranty package and are manufactured in the UK.


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