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A Chilled Office

The fast-paced environment of a busy building consultancy means that easy access to drinking water is vital. However, until recently staff at AWA, who have worked on projects including The Stafford Hotel in London and The White Building in Reading, had to rely on a tap and kettle for all their refreshment needs.

This, however, proved to be insufficient, leading staff to request that management invest in a more suitable and speedy chilled water solution – one which would create a ready supply of filtered, tasty drinking water.

Gareth Perry, mechanical engineer at AWA Building Service Consultants, was tasked with providing a solution, and after careful consideration he opted for a Heatrae Sadia Aquatap.

“We chose the Aquatap because it was easy to install and could deliver ample chilled water for all of our staff,” he explained.

“It was actually the staff that pushed for the change here. They wanted to see a higher quality chilled drinking water option than was available through the mains tap, and we had to find a workable solution. It was a marked bonus that Aquatap offers a boiling water option too, therefore removing the need for a kettle.

“For the company, the benefits were two-fold. Not only were we able to meet the demand that was clearly there and show that we were listening to our staff, we could also provide a boiling water unit that cut down the time staff were waiting for their cup of tea or coffee – leading to productivity benefits.

“Installing it has had a really positive impact on the office – people need water to be able to work productively, and providing an innovative, reliable solution to achieve this was always going to be an excellent move.”

On a daily basis, more than 20 of the company’s employees regularly use the Aquatap for boiling and chilled water with increased employee efficiency noticed among the company’s senior management.

“The Aquatap has been a great investment and it has been a very popular addition to our office.”

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