Roach Road Case Study

In May 2018, an avant-garde multi-use apartment and commercial outlet complex was completed. Heatrae Sadia as part of Baxi Heating was proud to have been involved in this project and to have supplied multiple product units.

Back in October 2016, Heatrae Sadia was approached by the Anderson Group to take part in an exciting building project, which would see the construction of a multi-use complex, including 44 private apartments and 4 commercial outlets close to the London stadium in Stratford. Initially Heatrae Sadia was invited to quote for ventilation however, through a focussed value added approach Baxi Heating’s Special Applications team were able to develop the opportunity resulting in a £0.5m order covering HIU, MVHR, Cylinders along with CHP and Central Plant.

Plant room products on a skid (boilers, CHP, buffer vessel), mechanical extract ventilation, twin plate and single plate heat interface units including heat meters and cylinders on a washing machine frame were supplied. Heatrae Sadia were able to provide 44 CVE ECO units, which help to remove wet and contaminated air from kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms, leaving occupants with a clean and healthy indoor climate. 20 Hi-Max units were supplied; along with 24 Hi-Max Store with Megaflo Eco 145i unvented cylinders on washing machine frames, a space saving winner. The Hi-MAX Store is a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) that works in conjunction with a Megaflo Eco Indirect cylinder to provide heating and hot water to the home. All the HIU’s were supplied with Ista heat meters. These particular products were chosen based on quality, performance and price.

The joint venture with Anderson’s worked very successfully due to the fact that Baxi Heating were able to demonstrate their ability to deliver and meet all the different requirements needed for the project, under the one supplier. This is one of the first projects where Baxi Heating has worked together on one project, to deliver a combined package to the client and the result has been very positive. PPS (Packaged Plant Solutions), Commercial and Heatrae Sadia were able to work together to come up with the right products and solutions for the client.

The project did not come without its challenges though, there were various meetings with the client and consultants, discussing products, functionality, amendments to the plant room designs and fitting work around the contractor’s installation schedule. However, through continuous and transparent communication, these challenges were overcome and the relationship between all parties worked really well to deliver the desired outcome.

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