Megaflo Eco keeps hot water flowing on the South Bank

London’s South Bank Tower is a remarkable display of 21st century engineering –formerly a weathered, grey, concrete tower block, it has been modernised and refurbished as an ultra-modern, sleek glass structure with around 200 luxury two and three bedroom apartments. Each apartment is supplied with powerful hot water from a Megaflo Eco, Heatrae Sadia’s market leading unvented hot water cylinder.

The completed development, which won gold at the London Design Awards, offers residents spectacular views over landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge. Residents can also enjoy a 20-metre swimming pool, entry to an exclusive lounge and access to one of the world's best concierge services.

The challenges at the start of the South Bank Tower refurbishment project were numerous. Aside from the scale of the project – the tower is set over 41 floors and is 160 metres tall – there was also the sheer variety of properties to take into account, from smaller, compact apartments to sumptuous penthouse suites worth upwards of £6 million. The products specified needed to offer high levels of quality and performance, and be adaptable enough to meet the requirements of the differently sized apartments.

On a project of this size and scale, a key consideration for developer CIT and engineering firm Sweco was to ensure the hot water cylinders were of a proven quality and reliability, and could deliver the high performance required for such a prestigious project.

Having worked with Heatrae Sadia for more than two decades, Sweco recommended Megaflo Eco, as it offered dependability and a clean design that would complement the appearance of the luxury apartments. Megaflo Eco has an internal air gap and floating baffle system to accommodate expanded water, rather than having an external expansion vessel, giving the cylinder a neat appearance. The Megaflo Eco cylinders can store up to 300 litres of hot water and provide a high level of performance, resulting in powerful showers and fast-filling baths.

In addition, dialogue during the early concept stage between Heatrae Sadia, Sweco and architect KPF ensured that space in the utility cupboards in the most compact apartments was maximised. The Megaflo Ecos were mounted on a frame to allow for the integration of a washing machine, while ensuring all controls were easy for homeowners to reach and use.

Heatrae Sadia supplied support, training and assistance right through the project, from the design and procurement process to completion and eventual handover. The team provided face-to-face technical support, while offering smooth logistics when it came to supplying the cylinders to the site and connecting them to the infrastructure services.

An initial joint site benchmarking review made sure that a high quality of installation was maintained throughout and that the finished product matched the client’s expectations.

Peter Herring, executive engineer at Sweco Building Services, said: “We’ve been working with Heatrae Sadia for over 20 years and put the Megaflo Eco forward for appropriate projects because it guarantees quality and reliability.

“We knew it would be the perfect fit for South Bank Tower, and the developer was really pleased with both the functionality and the design of the finished product.

Simon Russell, national sales manager at Heatrae Sadia, added: “South Bank Tower is a prestigious development that sets a new standard for accommodation on London’s South Bank.

“Through a collaborative approach we were able to deliver a project that met all the client’s expectations, and we are proud that Megaflo Eco is sitting at the heart of one of London’s most prestigious developments.”

Unvented cylinders ensure a consistent flow of high-pressure hot water to all outlets and appliances, without a significant loss of performance if used simultaneously. Since its launch 30 years ago, Megaflo Eco has remained the strong market leader in the unvented sector, with over one million Megaflo cylinders installed across the UK. Heatrae Sadia offers a lifetime guarantee on Megaflo Eco’s internal cylinder, which includes on-site parts and labour.

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