Heatrae Sadia to work with UK Government to put hot water on the carbon emission reduction agenda

01 December 2015

As the leading manufacturer of hot water storage and generation products in the UK, during 2016 Heatrae Sadia will be working with a range of Government stakeholders to ensure that the water heating industry plays a more significant role in the carbon reduction debate.

Heatrae Sadia is committed to helping policymakers understand and take advantage of the carbon saving opportunities that hot water storage offers. The company will work with Government stakeholders, including the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), to explore how the water heating industry can play a greater role in helping the UK to meet its carbon reduction emissions targets and in lowering energy bills.

Jon Cockburn, head of marketing at Heatrae Sadia, commented: "In 2016 we will offer our support to the Government as it develops and shapes its future heating strategy. We need to radically increase the understanding and level of dialogue between policymakers and industry to help decide what role hot water production and storage will play in a low carbon future.

"There have been some interesting Government announcements over the last few weeks, which we believe can help to put hot water firmly on the agenda. For example, in the recent 'energy policy reset' speech by Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for the DECC, we were encouraged by the emphasis placed on low carbon heating solutions as a key strategy for tackling climate change. Hot water has an important role to play in areas such as demand side response and in the integration of low carbon heating technologies such as heat pumps.

"Furthermore, in the Spending Review it was announced that the Government will increase funding for the RHI to £1.15 billion to ensure that the UK continues to make progress towards its climate goals, that £295 million will be provided over five years to improve the energy efficiency of schools, hospitals and other public sector buildings, and there will be over £300 million of funding for up to 200 heat networks, which will generate enough heat to support the equivalent of over 400,000 homes. A doubling of DECC's innovation programme to £500 million over five years was also announced.

"Meanwhile, we are also waiting for the Government to approve the recently published fifth Carbon Budget (2028-32), required by the end of June 2016.

"These announcements present exciting opportunities for hot water to stand up and play a greater role. It is important that the contribution that hot water can make is fully recognised and not simply relegated to an afterthought in the space heating debate.”


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