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Heatrae Sadia unveils Multipoint Eco


Heatrae Sadia has upgraded its popular Multipoint to create the Multipoint Eco, a smarter, safer, more efficient range of unvented point-of-use water heaters.

Perfect for light commercial environments such as washrooms, canteens and commercial kitchens, the Multipoint Eco includes a number of innovative features designed to make life easier for the specifier whilst delivering unrivalled performance to the end-user.

Chief amongst these is the inclusion of smart thermostatic control. The Multipoint Eco is able to learn typical usage patterns within the first two weeks of operation, reducing fuel compensation and improving efficiency by up to 19 per cent as compared to its predecessor. As a result, the Multipoint Eco carries an ErP rating of A. This technology is one of the first to market for the electric water heating sector, giving it a significant edge on comparable units.

This smart functionality is complemented by a newly designed digital display, offering intuitive ease of use to the facilities manager and end user.

The Multipoint Eco is also fitted with a Legionella Control System. This ensures that water is pasteurised every 24 hours if the temperature falls into the Legionella growth region, for defence against harmful bacteria and complete peace of mind. This is particularly relevant for sensitive specifications, such as food preparation areas, where infection control is of the highest importance.

A universal bracket provides quick and easy installation or retrofit of the Multipoint Eco, with no drill holes necessary and minimal need for remedial work. This, combined with a 15-year inner cylinder warranty and a full 2-year warranty with on site service, makes the Multipoint Eco a hassle-free product from start to finish.

Roy Marsden, Product Manager at Heatrae Sadia, said: “Our Multipoint Eco range offers exceptional quality, reliability and efficiency.

“Designed with the needs of our customers in mind, the market-leading functionality of these units provides specifiers with a solution which is efficient, simple to install and operate, and which guards against the development of bacteria. We are delighted to launch this range to the market, and anticipate it will be as popular, if not more so, than our original Multipoint unit.”

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