Megaflo helps lush shop make a splash

With hot water playing a central role in Lush shops across the UK, having a cylinder that can provide a reliable supply hot water is vital. When the Norwich branch of the fresh handmade cosmetics retailer moved to a larger unit in order to meet rising customer demand, a new hot water cylinder was needed to supply enough water for product demonstrations and use in staff facilities throughout the day – no matter the time of year.

After 15 years on the high street, the Norwich branch of Lush found itself unable to meet rising demand for events and parties in the store. The decision was taken to move the branch to a new and improved site that could comfortably play host to visitors, allowing them to immerse themselves in the Lush experience – including watching the latest product demonstrations in any one of the shop’s eight basins.

All hands-on deck

Before the team could move from one store to the next, the new unit had to receive its very own makeover. Alex Scott, UK & Ireland Retail Project Manager at Lush, explains, “when moving into a shopping centre location, you often find that the units are stripped back so that you are left with a blank canvas, services are capped off and the room is bare. Our contractors will go into the property and plaster the walls, put up the ceilings and fit the plumbing system to meet the anticipated needs of staff and customers.”

Before Lush moved into the store, there were no hot water provisions in place.

“As the heart of the plumbing system, getting the cylinder specification right was an absolute necessity,” Alex said. “Starting from scratch offered us the chance to specify our own cylinder and the decision was made to install the Megaflo Eco Unvented Direct Cylinder”.

Alex continued, “The decision to work with Heatrae Sadia was taken owing to their respect for people and the environment combined with their vast industry knowledge. The electric water heating supplier has a clear sustainability policy which highlights its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of production and assembly of their products. This environmental transparency aligns closely with our own efforts to improve our sustainability”.

“The Norwich store has eight sinks, varying from 25 litres to 50 litres. During peak times of the year, such as Christmas, demonstrations of products take place every 15 minutes and this means that our cylinders must be able to comfortably meet our water needs with no pause in output,” Alex commented. “No shop manager wants to find themselves in the nightmare scenario of running out of water, particularly during the holidays. When I specify a cylinder, I work to future-proof the hot-water supply by specifying according to the maximum load required during the year – for Lush this is the Christmas period.”

Signs of trouble

The opening of the new Lush shop in Norwich didn’t immediately go as expected. The installation of a cylinder that was not the specified Megaflo Eco, led to water supply issues.

“I received a call from the branch manager to say that by midday, the shop had run out of hot water. Having personally specified the Megaflo Eco, I knew it had a capacity of 300 litres and a recovery time that outstrips many of our existing water heating systems, so I knew there was a serious problem.

“It didn’t take long to discover the cause of the problems facing the store – ‘Megaflo’ had been taken to mean ‘cylinder’ and a large domestic cylinder had been installed in place of the Megaflo Eco. The team at Heatrae were excellent in providing ongoing support and assistance throughout the rectification process. They quickly helped us to source what we needed to get the store back to peak performance. The installation only took us a few hours to complete, once we’d carried out the required chlorination test the water system was back up and running.”

“As soon as the remedial work was carried out and the Megaflo Eco was installed, the shop manager noticed an immediate difference. We’ve not had a water supply issue in the Norwich store since. This has certainly been a lesson learnt – unless it says ‘Megaflo’, it’s not a ‘Megaflo’”, Alex explained.

A future splash

The Norwich branch of Lush isn’t the only store getting the Megaflo treatment, as the brand looks set to continue its relationship with Heatrae Sadia in the coming future.

Alex said, “Lush prides itself on being a brand that you can trust, so when we look for suppliers, we look for brands that can uphold our own high standards. Megaflo is a trustworthy brand, offering reliability at an affordable price and excellent aftercare. Unlike our bath bombs which are designed to fizzle out, we will look to continue our relationship with Heatrae Sadia by specifying Megaflo cylinders for use in new shop openings and in shops we are refurbishing.”

For more information contact the sales & specification team on 01603 420220, or contact customer support on 0344 871 1535.

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