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3 Reasons to get reacquainted with cylinders: An Introduction

With hot water cylinders continuing to increase in popularity, now is the time to upskill or refresh your knowledge. George Linder, product manager at Heatrae Sadia, shares the 3 top reasons why:

1. Improve Don’t Move = More Business
Research suggests that adding bathrooms provides the biggest boost to a home’s value, so it’s no wonder why homeowners decide to renovate their homes by adding more suites. On top of this, multi-generational living is also on the rise, meaning more hot water is often needed in a household. Increasing the amount of hot water outlets places more pressure on the hot water delivery. If the current combi system can’t cope with this, it could be time to consider upgrading the heating and hot water system to a heat-only or system boiler with a hot water cylinder.

For scenarios where a cylinder is already being used by a household, it is worth checking the size and heat recovery time of the current model before recommending another.

2. They’re Efficient
Every customer wants to save money on heating bills and choosing a hot water cylinder is a great way to help fulfil hot water demand in an efficient way.

Helping a homeowner to choose a correctly sized hot water cylinder for their requirements will provide the right amount of hot water, without any wastage. Modern cylinders are also well insulated and will retain heat for several hours to ensure that water remains hot once heated too.

3. Rule Renewables In
If the homeowner already has solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, it is possible to use any excess electricity produced by the solar PV and divert electrical energy to the immersion heater in the cylinder. Beneficial to not only the customer, but the environment too, solar water heating reduces the annual costs of water heating bills by up to 60%.

Overall, there are a host of different reasons to brush up on your knowledge of hot water cylinders. Access to hot water whenever it is needed is invaluable to homeowners, so the opportunity for installers to recommend hot water cylinder solutions to help achieve this is undeniable.

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