Three reasons to specify the Heatrae Sadia Catering Supreme Range of hot water dispensers

Ideal for the likes of offices, gyms, restaurants, hotels and even hospitals, wall-mounted instant, high-volume hot water dispensers are fast becoming the preferred alternative to the traditional kettle given their improved efficiency, usability and scalability.

Read on to find out our top three reasons to choose a Catering Supreme:

1.) Energy-Efficient 

Ranging from 10-40 litre capacities, there will always be a high-volume solution for every building application. Furthermore, because of the Intelliboil™Plus technology, the Catering Supreme is always going to be extremely efficient.

If no water is drawn off for an hour, it will reduce the maximum temperature that water is stored at from 100oC to 90oC. This kind of energy-saving technology is particularly useful overnight, or for buildings which tend to operate within standard business hours, five days a week.

2.) Hygiene and Safety

The Catering Supreme range of hot water dispensers can be trusted to keep surfaces clean, hygienic and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, aiding HTM 04-01 compliance.

To achieve such excellent hygiene credentials, Biomaster® (an antibacterial silver-ion agent) is added to the touchpoints of the Catering Supreme on-wall water dispensers, to prevent the growth of bacteria, which is paramount in hygiene-critical environments. It guarantees fast, effective antimicrobial protection for the effective lifetime of the Supreme.

For additional cleanliness, the Catering Supreme hot water dispensers are encased in fingerprint resistant stainless steel making regular cleaning easy, which is very important in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Additionally, on-wall boiling units are designed to prevent instances of scalding. With an on-wall solution, any steam generated during heat-up is condensed and retained within the unit to prevent against accidental burns or scalding. Moreover, they dispense very hot water safely, by using a heavy-duty tap handle to allow for boiling water to be delivered in a controlled manner. Up to three taps can be fitted for high traffic areas and they are lockable for added security.

3.) Time Saving 

Having a boiling water supply that is readily available will drastically decrease the time spent making hot drinks and boost productivity.

Our Catering Supreme units are available in a choice of four capacities, delivering up to 240 cups immediate draw-off depending on the model, before the supply is depleted and the quick boiling cycle continues to heat the replenished volume to boiling temperature, ready for the next use. The Catering Supreme also has an integrated water conditioner to reduce scaling.

This is obviously vital for busy businesses which need to minimise downtime, but it also provides reassurance that when hot water is needed it is instantly and readily available for all who need it.

Finally, if you are replacing kettles, which are classed as a portable piece of electronic equipment and are therefore subject to annual PAT testing, you will be pleased to know that the Catering Supreme is permanently plumbed and electronically-powered. This means they are not considered ‘portable’ and are subsequently not governed by time-consuming PAT testing.

How to Buy

At Heatrae Sadia we understand that you should never put a price on comfort. Our products are designed with the highest quality of materials and we lead the market with our engineering expertise. We are the only leading manufacturer to have our entire product range stocked by all the leading merchants and can offer purchasing support directly.

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