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Choice is everything

Whether you want water filter consumables, programmable timers or waste water drip tray accessories, we have a comprehensive selection of accessories for our stylish Aquatap for you to customise your installation.

If you want to further improve the economy of Aquatap when not in use, or you simply want to raise the height of the appliance to fit larger items such as saucepans, cafetieres, teapots or water jugs, our accessories fit your every needs.

Water filter 

Water filter system

Our Aquatap water filter system comes in a Standard and High Capacity model. The standard model (7036005) is fitted with an exclusive Fibredyne media which provides a superior balance of chlorine, taste & odour reduction and dirt-holding capabilities for particles as small as 0.2 micron by mechanical means – the unit comes with a rated capacity of 14,000 litres. The High Capacity model (7036015) operates using the same technology with a rated capacity of 24,000 litres reduced to 11,500 litres when lead removal is taken in to account.

Water filter cartridge

Designed for use with our Aquatap Boiling and Chilled, our replacement water filter cartridges are easy to fit, due to the clever design of the Aquatap water filter system which has an integral shut off valve positioned within the filter head.

Drip tray

This compact and stylish accessory has been designed to be inset in to a work surface to hide the waste and drainage fitting underneath the mesh grille of the drip tray. The drip tray provides a cleaner appearance with the appliance.
Dispenser extension piece

Dispenser extension piece

When Aquatap needs to be raised higher in instances to accommodate taller teapots, cafetieres, water jugs and saucepans, the dispenser extension piece makes the perfect accessory which is convenient in use and easy to fit.
7 day digital timer

7 Day digital timer

For use with our Aquatap Boiling and our Aquatap Boiling and Chilled appliances, our 7 day digital programmable timer ensures greater economy when the unit is not in use, such as overnight or during weekends for commercial buildings.
Boiling water taps deliver a practical and stylish solution for instant boiling, ambient or chilled water in high-traffic workplaces, commercial or high-end domestic kitchens.
Boiling water taps

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