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Refreshingly smart boiling and chilled water tap

In addition to the benefits of the Aquatap Boiling, the Aquatap Boiling and Chilled also doubles up as a chilled water tap, providing up to 150 cups of perfectly chilled water from the ice bank chiller unit. Our drinking water solutions are easy to install, and because they're all safety standard approved you can have complete trust in every drop they deliver.

Boiling and chilled water are delivered from the same dispensing tap through separate feeds to provide easier maintenance, better performance and improved reliability of your system.

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we-have-safety-on-tap aquatap boiling and chilled instant hot water tap aquatap-jelly Aquatap-office2 Aquatap-comm aquatap-undersink SuperChill 30B water chiller
  • Safety standard approved with dual button safety controls
  • Up to 30 cups of boiling water immediate draw-off
  • Up to 80 cups of chilled water immediate draw-off
  • Modern under counter design provides easy installation
  • Intelliboil™ Plus technology for the efficient management of the boiling water cycle
  • Free commissioning and on-site service support
  • Integral electronic water conditioner to reduce scale
  • Engineering grade thermoplastic water container
  • Modular construction ensures easy maintenance
  • Filter supplied as standard
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK
  • The Aquatap should be installed over a sink to allow for drainage. If being installed on a worktop the Aquatap should be installed with a font and drip tray which is available as an optional accessory.
Product A B C Weight Capacity Rating Order code
mm mm mm (empty) kg (full) kg litres kW
Aquatap Boiling / Chilled 2.5 95:200:262
Dispenser 309 60 118 2 -
Water heater 480 350 269 11.5 16.5 5 2.5


Order Code

Aquatap drip tray


Aquatap dispenser extension piece


Aquatap 7 day digital programmer


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  • Boiling water taps deliver a practical and stylish solution for instant boiling, ambient or chilled water in high-traffic workplaces, commercial or high-end domestic kitchens.
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