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Indoor air quality and energy efficiency are very important considerations in dwellings today. Advance Plus has been developed to meet these demands, providing controlled ventilation for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in full compliance with current building regulations, while retaining the heat to an efficiency of up to 90%

Advance Plus is suitable for dwellings with up to 115 square metres of floor space and five wet rooms. It's so efficient that its specific fan power (SFP) led to the creation of a lower rating category within the framework used to measure the energy performance of dwellings. Advance Plus can either be fixed to walls, ceilings or in a loft space.

Advance Plus has an automatic 100% summer bypass, the bypass opens automatically when the outside temperature exceeds 20°C and comes with with an external LED indicator to show when the filter requires changing.

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advance plus

  • Low specific fan power of 0.37 W/l/s
  • Up to 90% efficient heat exchanger
  • Ideal for properties of up to 115m2 habitable floor area
  • Unique mounting bracket that can be fitted to the ducting at first fix
  • Robust yet lightweight design (12kg)
  • Right or left side reversible
  • Seal-sealing duct connections
  • Two year product warranty


Product Height  Weight  Depth  Weight Order code

mm mm mm kg
Advance Plus
(supplied with Duct Connection Kit)
760 597 290 12 7030002



Order Code

Duct Connection Kit


Wired controller


RF controller (white)


RF controller with LED


HRU ECO 4 G4 filters (pair)


HRU ECO 4 F7 filters (pair)


Advance & Advance Plus G4 filters (pair)


Advance & Advance Plus F7 filters (pair)


RF Status Indicator Panel / Controller


CO² Sensor


PIR Sensor


RH Sensor


Automatic Controller




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