Space saving solutions

With average UK house sizes decreasing, Heatrae Sadia product packages provide functional heating, water heating and ventilation solutions for restricted or small spaces.

Our flexible packaged solutions are ideal for use in any new build property. With the addition of our Heat Interface Units (HIUs) such as the Hi-Max Instant ID, packages can also be installed in conjunction with a central plant energy source.

By combining Heatrae Sadia and Megaflo products on a frame and with the option to pre-plumb and pre-wire we can create packages that:

  • Saves valuable space in a home with limited room available
  • Saves money by combining products from one manufacturer
  • Saves time and money for the installer due to the modular design and first fix options
  • Standardisation across developments
  • Allows for safer installation by reducing installation time
  • Improved quality of pipework and wiring as the work is carried out in our factory

At Heatrae Sadia, we offer a large variety of domestic products, meaning it's possible to create a packaged solution for any heating, hot water or ventilation requirement.

For more information on the packaged solutions we offer, or to discuss the right solution for you, please get in touch.

Decentralised Heating Packages

Domestic packaged solutions from a single dwelling energy source (i.e. gas boiler or electric only) can be made up of a cylinder (including an optional cold water control pack), frame and a controller. These packaged solutions are designed to be installed in a home where space is limited and there is a Gas boiler, or other domestic heating source installed. To make the most of limited space, the frame is designed with space for a washing machine installation underneath. You find can find our more about our packaged solutions by downloading our packages solutions brochure.


Megaflo Eco Direct and indirect

Megaflo Eco - Direct and Indirect

Utilises a Megaflo Eco direct or indirect cylinder.

Options include:

  • Cold water control packs (factory fitted pipework)
  • Room thermostats
  • Modesty panels

megaflo eco thermal store packageThermal store - Direct and Indirect

Utilises a direct or indirect thermal store.

Options include:

  • Cold water control packs
  • Room thermostats
  • Modesty panels

megaflo systemfit packageMegaflo Eco SystemFit

Utilises a Megaflo Eco SystemFit cylinder that comes pre-plumbed in order to reduce on-site installation time.

This solution is suitable for installation with heat only boilers. This solution is provided with a Danfoss TP9000 and TP5000 programmer as standard and two heating zones.

A Run-back timer is an additional option.  

megaflo systemready packageMegaflo Eco SystemReady

Utilises a Megaflo Eco SystemReady cylinder.

This solution is designed for installation with system boilers and has optional programmer accessories to suit different customer needs.

Comes complete with a tapping for connection to a second heating zone.

A Run-back timer is an additional option.  

Central plant - stored hot water solutions

The stored hot water packaged solutions can consist of an HIU, Megaflo Eco indirect cylinder, controller options - with frame mounted options for space saving/ease of installation.

hi-max store packageHi-Max Store

The HI-MAX Store is a Heat Interface Unit that works in conjunction with a Megaflo Eco Indirect cylinder to provide heating and hot water to the home.

The Heat Interface Unit acts as a pressure break between the primary heating circuit (central plant) and the secondary heating circuit (domestic heating). High performance plate heat exchanger means return temperatures to the primary circuit are kept to a minimum.

The cylinder can be floor standing or frame mounted, leaving space for washing machine underneath. The HI-MAX Store HIU is wall mounted and can be supplied with a first fix rail for ease of installation.

Increased flexibility with the option to have none, one or two heating zones factory fitted to the cylinder. Comes with a lifetime cylinder warranty for the Megaflo Eco and a three year warranty for the HIU and all other components.

Central plant - instantaneous solutions

Instantaneous packaged solutions can consist of a HIU (Heatrae Sadia HiMax Instant), a ventilation unit (Heatrae Sadia Advance Plus), Underfloor Heating Manifold with additional control options. All products frame mounted for ease of installation.


hi-max instant idmulti fit packageHi-Max Instant

The Hi-Max Instant HIU provide instantaneous heating and hot water to the home via two integrated high performance plate heat exchangers.

The Hi-Max Instant takes the energy source from the central plant or district heating system, meaning there is no need for boiler flues or a gas safe annual service.

A PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller and room thermostat work together to control the flow and temperature to the domestic heating circuit.

For ease of installation, the Hi-Max Instant can be supplied with a first fix rail and optional stand off brackets.

First Fix Frame

The Hi-Max Instant or Hi-Max Store can also be supplied on a frame with a MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery) unit such as the Heatrae Sadia Advance or Advance Plus, and an underfloor heating manifold.

By combing all three units on a single frame, installation cost and time can be significantly reduced.

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