Smarter | Cleaner | Warmer

Established over 95 years ago, Heatrae Sadia is the UK's largest manufacturer of electric water heating products, and supplies products worldwide. We have achieved this position through our commitment to product innovation and quality. Our range is the widest and most comprehensive available in the UK today.

At Heatrae Sadia, we are proud of our business; proud of the way we work, our people, the service we provide and, of course, extremely proud of the high quality products we offer. Our branding reflects that pride - Smarter, Cleaner, Warmer - and is the ethos behind everything we do.

We want our customers and colleagues alike to believe in us, what we stand for and how we act.

  • Respectful - of our people, our customers and our environment
  • Open minded - to internal and external opportunities, and the views of others
  • Conscientious - in the delivery of every aspect of our day to day activities
  • Knowledgeable - with regard to our company, our products and the needs of our industry


When you deal with Heatrae Sadia, you can be sure of our very best attention.

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