It's a matter of taste…

Our demands and expectations for what were once luxuries have now become the norm. In today's developed world, instant access to boiling and chilled water at the touch-of-a-button is something many of us expect.

With 235 million cups of tea and coffee being consumed in the UK every day, imagine the loss in business income waiting for the kettle or pans of water to boil, or the time spent refilling the water cooler. We design and engineer innovative drinking water products that make it easier than ever to stay hydrated, for convenience and time savings.

Perhaps you work in a busy commercial kitchen where service and timings are crucial and instant access to boiling or chilled water could drive culinary efficiencies, or maybe you work in an office which has a water cooler which needs refilling regularly. Either way, our drinking water appliances provide instant hot or cold water at your every demand.

We design and engineer innovative drinking water systems to be smarter, cleaner and more efficient every time. So whether you need a boiling water tap or a water chiller, Heatrae Sadia has you covered.
Drinking water systems

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