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Keeping a flow of fresh air in modern, airtight homes calls for class-leading ventilation performance. Our MVHR products are so highly efficient, the specific fan power (SFP) of Advance led to the creation of a lower rating category within the framework used to measure the energy performance of dwellings.

Our innovative electric boilers also provide a convenient alternative for over 2 million homes in the UK that have no mains gas supply. We don't believe our customers should be restricted because their property doesn't have a gas supply, so we developed our Amptec and Electromax electric flow boilers to provide an efficient heating alternative.

In response to increasing customer demand, we have recently launched a new Heat Interface Unit (HIU) too, the Hi-Max Instant ID. Hi-Max Instant is designed to provide both central heating and domestic hot water safely and efficiently for district heating schemes or centralised boiler systems, with lower running costs compared to individual combi boilers.

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