Heatrae Sadia products

At Heatrae Sadia, we always carefully listen to customer needs when developing our range of innovative smart technology products. Our extensive research and development processes ensure our products are always energy efficient, durable and reliable. Made to our own demanding standards of safety and quality our products provide optimum control and comfort.

Our products include the award-winning Megaflo Eco unvented cylinders with our innovative internal expansion system. Leading the water heating market, Megaflo Eco combines high performance with optimum efficiency for more powerful mains-pressure showers and faster filling baths. For peace of mind, Megaflo is supplied with an unrivalled lifetime warranty including on-site service support.

In fact, all our products meet and exceed the latest European standards for safety, energy efficiency and quality compliance. Our customers also benefit from a 363 days-per-year dedicated after sales service for cylinders and electric boilers from our award-winning Customer Support team, so you can rest assured you're in safe hands. So why not ask us - how can we help you?


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