How to choose the right installer

To make sure that our products will meet your individual needs, it's important that they are installed, commissioned and maintained by qualified installers.

We recommend that you obtain a quotation from three installers before appointing one to do work on your behalf.

For our hot water cylinders, your installer should be G3 registered (England and Wales) or equivalent (P5 in Northern Ireland and P3 in Scotland), for domestic hot water storage systems (DHWSS) so they are recognised as a competent person to install these types of products.

All heating installers in the UK must be registered with a competent person's scheme, where the installer is required to undertake an assessment so this way you know that your product will be installed correctly.

To check if your installer is recognised as a 'competent person' to carry out the work you require, visit the competent persons register website.

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