Innovation - it's what we do


Heatrae Sadia hasn't got to be where it is today - leading the market - by accident. In what is normally thought of as a low-technology industry, our engineers have worked hard to put their good ideas into practice and produce reliable, efficient, durable and high performance products.


Our business has always recognised that, in order to be the best, you have to invest; and by investing in the latest techniques and technologies, and the best people, we are proud to be at the cutting edge of water heating development.

However, all this means nothing if it's not what our customers want. So as well as investing in research and development, clever engineers and fantastic technology, we have also carried out extensive market research to make sure we understand who our customers are and the sectors we serve. And, most importantly, what they actually want and need from us. And we keep asking to make sure we are delivering and changing with the changing market place.

That's how Heatrae Sadia has developed the Supreme boiling water product, with its built-in water conditioning and Intelliboil™ - temperature management. It's why Megaflo has led the market for unvented storage water heaters for more than two decades, thanks to its exclusive use of Duplex stainless steel and its innovative internal air gap system.

Once we have developed these smart products, we have sought UK and international approval to demonstrate they are as good, if not better, than we say they are. So we can boast BEAB, Kiwa and Nemko certification. Naturally, all Heatrae Sadia products that fall within the scope of the EMC directive are CE marked. Such marking confirms that, where applicable, the product meets both the EMC and LVD directives in electrical products.

Heatrae Sadia has been at the forefront of electric heating and hot water for almost a century - and that's where we intend to stay!

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