Megaflo by Heatrae Sadia

The name 'Megaflo' is synonymous with innovation, quality and performance. These values lie at the heart of a product that we have developed by listening to the needs and expectations of our customers.

Megaflo has been part of Heatrae Sadia since 1993 and is the market leader in the unvented hot water cylinder sector, despite increasing competition; so much so that Megaflo is seen as the generic term for unvented water heating.

History of Megaflo

  • 2012 - Megaflo celebrates 25 years
  • 2012 - Megaflo Eco Plus arrives
  • 2011 - Megaflo Commercial introduced
  • 1993 to - Impressive product 2007 development and double figure annual growth
  • 1993 - Heatrae Sadia acquires Megaflo 
  • 1992 - New Building Reg G3 gives installers confidence
  • 1988 - Unique air gap and floating baffle introduced
  • 1987 - 1st Megaflo unvented cylinder from Hotflo
  • 1985 - UK bylaws allow unvented systems
  • 1880s - The English invent pressurised water heating

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