Top of the class hot water solutions installed at £58m Nottingham College City Hub

Nottingham College

Heatrae Sadia, the market-leading electric heating and hot water products manufacturer and part of Baxi Heating UK, has completed its part of Nottingham College’s new £58m City Hub educational facility.

Back in July 2019 Heatrae Sadia was asked by The Wates Group to advise on the best hot water solutions for use in the Hub’s laboratory department, as well as wall-mounted instant boiling water dispensers to make hot beverages in breakout areas and all staff rooms.

Steve Spooner, Site Manager (MEP) at The Wates Group, said: “Heatrae Sadia is a well-respected industry name and will always be considered when making product selections for these types of projects. The team at Heatrae Sadia are always very helpful and obliging, resulting in a strong working relationship we can trust."

Meeting the brief

It was important that each laboratory area had its own individual hot water supply so that the outlets could be positioned closely to each work area and to improve legionella prevention. To meet this brief, seven 10 litre Multipoint hot water heaters were chosen. Selected for the compact size and exceptional hot water delivery performance, the Multipoint easily fits underneath the sinks in each laboratory and provides more than enough hot water for students to use in practical classes.

To provide students, visitors and staff with hot water to make refreshments, 11 smart Supreme wall-mounted boiling water dispensers were also specified by the specialists at Heatrae Sadia. 7.5 litre models were chosen for staffing areas, and 5 litre models were selected for breakout areas.

A key and unique safety benefit for all users is the addition of Biomaster® antibacterial technology which is integral to the Supreme’s touchpoints. This helps to safeguard against the growth of bacteria and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, a critical problem to be avoided in high-traffic areas.

Furthermore, with an on-wall solution, any steam generated during heat-up is condensed and retained within the unit to prevent against accidental burns or scalding. Moreover, they dispense very hot water safely by using a push/pull lever to allow for boiling water to be delivered in a more controlled manner than that of a kettle. Due to being permanently plumbed and electronically-powered, time-consuming PAT testing is not required either.

Once heated, the volume of water is then kept at the desired temperature which reduces the energy spikes associated with heating water from cold. Advanced technology, such as Intelliboil™Plus, controls the boiling cycle by responding to usage and therefore increasing efficiency. For example, if no water is drawn off for an hour, it will reduce the maximum temperature that water is stored to 90oC. This kind of energy-saving technology is particularly useful in between day time breaks or overnight when the units are not in regular use.

Aside from the tangible savings on energy bills that an on-wall boiling unit can provide, moving away from kettles can also have a positive impact on a building’s BREEAM rating. With efficient flow rates, boiling units can improve the energy credentials of a building, an increasingly important consideration as the demand for sustainable buildings continues to rise.

Graeme Matier, Specification Manager at Heatrae Sadia, commented: “With a very clear set of objectives to meet it was our pleasure to provide product specification guidance based on the usage expectations and other exacting needs of the building users. Each product was carefully chosen with the brief in mind as well as to add value in terms of safety and hygiene so that students, staff and visitors could use the hot water products with the utmost confidence."

Best practice CPD

To support buildings contractors with the safe and compliant installation of the chosen products, Heatrae Sadia also delivered a course on unvented hot water systems legislation. This was taught on-site in order to educate them on all the legal and regulatory requirements that must be met when installing unvented water storage systems to ensure optimum and safe operation.

Successful completion

Matching the correct hot water system to the specific application can be challenging. However, with the right specialist help from the Heatrae Sadia team, the best hot water solutions for Nottingham College’s new City Hub educational facility were specified on time, within budget and all backed by an award-winning aftersales team and product warranty assurance.

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