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Ideal for installation in environments where there is no existing hot water storage, the compact and cistern-less design of our R Plus vented point-of-use water heaters makes them easy to install.  These new units have been developed for compliance with the ErP directive, whilst also providing improvements in performance.

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The Heatrae Sadia R Plus is a vented cylinder that can supply multiple hot water outlets, making it the ideal solution for commercial applications. The range consists of four models, ranging from 25 to 120 litre capacity.

The R Plus units can be mounted securely to the wall, and are supplied complete with all the necessary safety and control devices needed to allow connection to the cold water supply. The R Plus also benefits from our intelligent Legionella Control System, providing additional protection against the risks of harmful water-borne bacteria. Sharing many of the benefits of our FBM Eco, R Plus is a more budget-friendly option but maintains automatic fault reporting but via a flashing LED and universal bracketing for retrofit installation.

Diagnostic reporting

Diagnostic reporting for product status and fault finding

Easy to install and maintain

Easy to install and maintain

  • New cistern-less design
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Self-contained unit
  • Universal bracketing for retrofit, replacement or first time installation
  • Push fit rotational fixing for overflow with multiple installation directions
  • Intelligent fault reporting via an LED indicator
  • Legionella Control System for optimum hygiene and safety
  • Hot and cold pipes situated for easy installation
  • Internal water temperature is continuously displayed and easy to manage
  • Safety and control devices supplied as standard

  • R Plus
  • r plus
R Plus r plus

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  R 25 Plus 3kW  R 45 Plus 3kW  R 70 Plus 3kW  R 120 Plus 3kW 
SKU  94040010  94040011 94040012 94040013
EAN Code 5018780609028  5018780609035 5018780609042 5018780609059 
Depth 236mm  278mm  278mm  430mm 
Width 514mm  610mm  610mm  660mm 
Height 832mm  882mm  1230mm  1020mm 
Volume 0.1009249m3  0.1495696m3  0.2085834m3  0.289476m3 
Capacity 25l  45l  70l  120l 
Output 3kW  3kW 3kW   3kW  
Voltage 230V  230V  230V   230V  
Recovery time 21 mins  35 mins  56 mins  98 mins 
Heat up time 30 mins  50 mins  80 mins  140 mins 
Maximum working pressure 0.15 bar  0.15 bar  0.15 bar   0.15 bar  
Connection type Push fit + straight Push fit + straight Push fit + straight  Push fit + straight
Connection size 15 & 22mm  15 & 22mm  15 & 22mm   15 & 22mm  

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