Free hot water from PV array

The Megaflo Eco Solar PV Ready is an unvented cylinder that heats water for free; accomplished by an innovative design that harnesses surplus solar electricity to generate hot water, saving energy and reducing utility bills.

It's estimated over 850,000 in the UK have solar PV panels install but only 50% are consuming the power produced by their PV panels. The Megaflo Eco Solar PV Ready can be used in conjunction with any PV array, existing or new. Installation is simple and using a separate remote control - the Megaflo Buddy - enables the user to simply and easily control and modify settings. The Megaflo Eco Solar PV Ready is available in direct and indirect, in capacities ranging from 170 to 300 litres.

Heatrae Sadia have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Domestic Heating Product of the Year - boilers, cylinders, stoves and heat pumps category with the Megaflo Eco Solar PV Ready. Click here to read more about this prestigious H&V award.

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Monitor energy use with Megaflo Buddy

Monitor energy use with Megaflo Buddy

Easy to install and maintain

Easy to install and maintain

  • Megaflo Buddy controller that displays energy and savings
  • Wireless communication
  • Internal floating baffle expansion
  • Inner cylinder corrosion guarantee for life
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Saves space and installation time
  • No special wiring required
  • Delivers 72 litres per minute at 3 bar

  • megaflo eco solar pv ready
  • megaflo buddy
megaflo eco solar pv ready megaflo buddy

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Model 170i 210i 250i 300i 
Product code 95050350 95050351  95050352  95050353
Nominal capacity (litres) 170 210 250 300 
Internal expansion with floating baffle Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Insulation thickness (mm) 60  60  60  60
Immersion heater rating (kW) 2 x 3  2 x 3  2 x 3  2 x 3
Weight empty (kg) 44  48 54  62
Weight full (kg) 220 243  287  345 
Standing heat loss (kWh/24h) 1.2 1.42  1.61  1.69 
Standing heat loss (kWh/year) 438  518.3 587.65  616.85 
Max flow at 3 bar (l/min)** 70 70  70  70
Max flow at 1 bar (l/min)** 40  40  40  40
Height (mm) 1381  1483  1734  2048 
T&P relief valve (mm) 1020  1096  1323  1574 
Width (mm) 579  579  579  579 
Depth (mm) 714  714  714  714 


Model 210DD 250DD 300DD
Product code 95050354 95050355 95050356
Nominal capacity (litres) 210 250 300
Internal expansion with floating baffle Yes Yes Yes
Insulation thickness (mm) 60 60 60
Immersion heater rating (kW) 2 x 3 2 x 3 2 x 3
Weight empty (kg) 44 49 57
Weight full (kg) 243 285 340
Standing heat loss (kWh/24h) 1.42 1.61 1.69
Standing heat loss (kWh/year) 518.3 587.65 616.85
Max flow at 3 bar (l/min)** 70 70 70
Max flow at 1 bar (l/min)** 40 40 40
Height (mm) 1483 1734  2048 
T&P relief valve (mm) 1096  1323  1574 
Width (mm) 579 579  579 
Depth (mm) 714 714  714 


** MCWS static pressure

Accessory  Sales code 
Swept Tee for Direct Secondary Return 94 970 033

There are currently no BIM files for this product

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