Heat water wisely

In today's modern lifestyles, we are using more hot water than ever before. As the demand for hot water increases and homes have more showers, baths and basins, it's important to strike a balance between the demands of rising energy prices and environmental issues with the desire for better performance, reliability, economy and responsibility.

Our Megaflo solar thermal panel collectors are ideal for installation with our unvented cylinders or calorifiers, with suitable options for older properties or for new build, to deliver high performance hot water directly from the radiant heat of the sun. On average throughout the year for UK climates, up to 60% of the energy required can be provided with our solar thermal collectors, with as much as 100% in the summer months and 30% in the winter.

Our solar panel packages are supplied as complete kits in both portrait and landscape formats with all the required fixings to mount and combine as an array of panels. You'll need to choose from the panel kits that match your cylinder as Megaflo Eco Solar and Eco Plus Solar have different panel kits to the Megaflo Eco SolaReady.

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