Regulations and Legislation for hot water products

As a responsible manufacturing business, we pride ourselves on our commitment to compliance with all the latest legislation and regulations. We often exceed the minimum standards required on all matters including health and safety, efficiency, performance and reliability.

Whether our business operations demand for us to comply with standards to satisfy Building Regulations, including the requirement for installers to hold the G3 accreditation for unvented cylinders where our practical training courses are available, or perhaps the recent introduction of new EU legislation for energy related products with the requirement for product labelling, you can rest assured that our industry experts are knowledgeable on all matters of legislative compliance that is necessary and we design and engineer our products with these aspects in mind.

Our dedicated Research & Development team take in to account how best to achieve optimum efficiency for energy use and water consumption, installation requirements, manufacturing considerations and supply chain distribution. We actively promote and participate in many industry groups and organisations for improving standards. Heatrae Sadia is a charter member of the Hot Water Association, which is the leading trade body for domestic hot water storage, providing independent governance and auditing by an external accreditor to ensure we adhere to the code of practice.

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