Sustainability policy  

Heatrae Sadia is fully aware of its environmental and social responsibilities and strives to operate in a sustainable and ethical way. We believe that investing in our people is critical to our future success and long term sustainability. We're committed to reducing the environmental impact of production and assembly of our products through environmental management of our supply chain using Lean principles and process.

Effective management of our supply chain is important to helping improve our sustainability. Making heating and hot water equipment requires large quantities of raw materials. Like many manufacturers, we source parts and components from a diverse group of suppliers around the world. So, how these suppliers perform is critical to whether we can deliver products and services that meet our expectations for energy and materials performance at every stage of our product lifecycle.

We focus heavily on the carbon, energy and waste impacts of manufacturing, and the need for our suppliers to meet CSR standards as important issues for our future sustainability. Suppliers on our preferred list have to meet rigorous quality, financial, ethical and risk standards. We recognise the importance of effective and open working relationships with our suppliers and are committed to building and developing collaborative relationships.

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that outlines how we operate an effective environmental management system in our organisation, providing the framework to allow Heatrae Sadia to meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

People are our greatest resource, so taking care of employee wellbeing also makes a positive contribution to our commercial success. But sustainability means more than that. We know that our CSR values and how we live them increasingly define our brand, determine whether we succeed in recruiting the best people, and are an important part of why customers trust our products. We aim to be the employer of choice, and we want to maximise our positive contribution to the wellbeing of our communities and customers.

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