Waste water management

The UK water industry manages more than 16bn litres of waste water every day. Whilst today's modern lifestyles mean we are using more hot water than ever before, effective waste water management planning at the specification stage is increasingly required to reduce the impact on our environmental resources.

Our demands on the environment's resources can be reduced through the use of innovative technologies such as waste water heat recovery systems like our Megaflo Vertical Shower Heat Recovery Unit, which transfers heat from the discharged waste shower or bath water in to the incoming supply, in turn placing less energy load on the boiler to raise the temperature to the desired level of comfort and in doing so, providing an indirect impact on natural resources too. This means that running a bath or taking a shower can cost less or last longer whilst often requiring a smaller amount of hot water than before.

Heatrae Sadia is committed to developing innovative solutions to improve water management and use, working closely with our industry partners to ensure a more efficient and sustainable future.

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