Instant boiling water dispenser

EBW25 is an instant boiling water dispenser that is wall mounted, providing a cost effective solution for a variety of commercial applications including canteens, offices, workshops, hairdressers and waiting rooms.

The 2.5 litre capacity unit can supply over 150 cups of boiling water in one hour, saving time constantly boiling kettles.

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  • 2.5 litre capacity with 2.5kW element
  • ABS moulded outer case which is IPX2 rated
  • Power on indicator




Nominal Capacities

Electrical rating

Minimum Supply Pressure

Maximum Supply Pressure
Enclosure Rated  Nominal commissioning times to temperature ready 


(full) kg




EBW25  8.4  2.5  2.3/2.5kW@230/240V  0.05MPa (0.5 bar)  1.0MPa (10 bar)  IP X2  16

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