Heatrae Sadia is oart of BDR Thermea


Heatrae Sadia is part of Baxi Heating UK Ltd, which, in turn, is part of BDR Thermea

BDR Thermea is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable and smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions and services. The Group has a top market position in Western Europe and strong positions in rapidly growing markets. In total BDR Thermea operates in more than 70 countries worldwide employing over 6,000 people.

The strategy of the Group involves marketing under multiple trade brands, with strong national operations in the major European economies allowing for rapid reaction to changes in local demand. BDR Thermea owns and sells some of the leading brands in the European market for heating products. These include De Dietrich, Baxi, Remeha, Heatrae Sadia, Brötje, Potterton, Chappée, BaxiRoca and Baymak.

BDR Thermea believes relationships with all stakeholders are vital, so we invest in our employees and we maintain open and sustainable relationships with external stakeholders. We focus on customer needs when it comes to innovative climate and sanitary hot water solutions and services; we offer integrated systems instead of just single products.
High efficiency boilers continue to be our core products and we have a portfolio of low carbon heating technologies including biomass, solar thermal, heat pumps and micro-CHP. Our products are cleverly designed to ensure easy installation and maintenance, as well as lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.
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