Energy Labelling - ErP

In September 2015, a new Energy related Product (ErP) directive for the European Union (EU) came in to effect.

The ErP directive is mandatory for all countries in the EU for space and water heaters. To find out more about ErP, please visit our ErP information page.

The Energy Labelling directive is part of ErP. It is a framework designed to make complex information regarding the energy consumption and performance of domestic products more clear and simple to understand.

When a product is installed, it will receive an efficiency band, ranging from A+++ to G for the entire installed system, depending on the components used (for example, where a boiler and room controls are fitted).

How will the Energy Labelling work?

There are different versions of the labels depending on the type of product or package. However, once completed, the labels will typically show at least some of the following types of information;

  • The name or logo of the manufacturer or supplier
  • The manufacturer's or supplier's product name or code
  • What type of heating the Energy Label is for and whether it's rated as a product or a package
  • The heating or hot water efficiency band (A+++ to G)
  • The heating output or the hot water capacity and heat loss

The Energy ratings must be shown in literature and be made available in online advertising.

Product and package labels with relevant technical data 'fiches' will be supplied with products and the labels must be shown at the point of sale e.g. a showroom.

What are your ErP responsibilities?


  • For each space heater, a printed energy label in accordance with the regulation has to be provided. There are special provisions for several categories of space heaters defined in the regulation
  • A product fiche has to be provided. This product fiche must be included in the product brochure or other literature provided with the product
  • Technical documentation in accordance with the regulation has to be provided to the Commission or to the market surveillance authorities on request
  • Product advertisements and technical promotional material are required to reference the seasonal space heating energy efficiency class
  • According to regulation, manufacturers also have to make the label and the fiche available to dealers in electronic format for each model


  • To calculate the system's efficiency. You can use our free ErP calculation tool to do this.
  • To provide the energy label for the entire system. If a heating appliance is combined with a control and/or cylinder or solar device etc., then a package label needs to be supplied
  • To complete a document called a 'fiche' to provide the efficiency figure for the heating system

Heatrae Sadia are supporting installers by providing the tools and documents required to complete a fiche. Try our free ErP calculation tool to generate ErP labels for products and packages.

How to find out more about ErP

At Heatrae Sadia, our team is here to help you. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Ecodesign or Energy Labelling Directives, what it means for you and what you may need to do, whether you're a consumer, installer, merchant or specifier, please contact our expert team.

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