Fitted as standard with our immersion heaters.

All of our domestic immersion heaters are fitted as standard with an RDT combined thermostat and resettable safety cut-out. Our RDT resettable thermostats provide a further level of protection against boiling to steam, to achieve compliance with BS EN 60335-2-73 standards, without the need to drain down the hot water cylinder.

Our RDT resettable thermostats have an adjustable temperature range from 10°C to 60°C, but are factory pre-set to the maximum 60°C for normal operation to safeguard against harmful water borne bacteria such as Legionella. Our thermostats have a manual reset which incorporates patented MFS technology to ensure single pole safety operation.

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  • Adjustable temperature range from 10°C to 60°C
  • Factory pre-set to 60°C
  • Manual reset feature incorporating "MFS Technology” to ensure single pole safety operation
  • 7" for horizontal installation, 11" either for horizontal or vertical installation, 18" for vertical installation only
  • Two year warranty (product parts only)


RDT resettable thermostats


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RDT 7 "



RDT 11 " (Horizontal)



RDT 11 " (Vertical)



RDT 18 "





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