Designed for a longer operational lifetime.

As scale builds up, it takes longer for traditional immersions to transfer heat to the water, which can often lead to early element failure. However, the strength, weight and smooth finish of our Titanium immersion heaters can withstand extreme stress, fluctuating water temperatures and even the most aggressive or corrosive environments.

Our Titanium sheathed immersion heaters are available in either horizontal or vertical mountings, available in sizes of 280mm, 356mm or 686mm long (11”, 14” or 27”) and have a five year warranty (two year warranty for the thermostat). They are fitted with an RDT combined thermostat and manually resettable safety cut-out for added peace of mind.

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  • Available in horizontal or vertical mountings in three sizes from 280mm to 686mm long (11”, 14” or 27”)
  • Strength, weight and smooth finish of Titanium provides greater durability
  • Fitted with RDT combined thermostat and resettable safety cut-out
  • Designed to withstand extreme stress, fluctuating temperatures and highly corrosive environments
  • Five year warranty on immersion heater for peace of mind (two year warranty on thermostat)




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