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Even in UK climates, commercial solar thermal heating can help to significantly reduce the fuel bills for businesses or perhaps even generate an additional income through renewable heat incentives, significantly reducing payback time. Whatever your reason for considering solar thermal, there is a Megaflo calorifier to suit your needs.

Our Megaflo Eco Plus Solar calorifiers deliver high performance even at low pressures. Whether you have a larger property with a number of bathrooms, a hairdressing salon with high demand at peak periods or a sports club looking to shower two teams at the same time every week, Megaflo Eco Plus Solar is available in a choice of seven capacities.

For the largest commercial premises such as factories, hospitals and hotels, our Megaflo Commercial calorifiers have industry leading heat recovery times for this size of hot water calorifier, there are eight capacities from 400 litres up to a massive 2,500 litres with a 10 bar operating pressure and integrated legionella protection for optimum safety. 


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