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If you want water filter consumables, programmable timers or waste water drip tray accessories, we have a comprehensive selection of accessories for our Supreme boiling water units for you to customise your installation.

If you want to further improve the economy and efficiency of Supreme, or you simply want to choose from our selection of drip trays and stands or need additional or spare spout taps, we have an accessory available to suit your every needs.

 7 day digital timer

7 Day digital timer

For use with our Supreme and Supreme SS appliances, our 7 day digital programmable timer has simple two button programming and ensures greater economy when the unit is not in use, such as overnight for commercial buildings.
 Drip tray drain

Inset drip tray with integral waste outlet

This compact accessory has been designed to be inset in to a work surface to hide the waste and drainage fitting underneath the mesh grille of the drip tray, to complete a smarter, cleaner and more professional installation.
 Free standing drip trya

Free standing drip tray

Our free standing drip tray ensures easy installation without having to inset in to a work surface, so is suitable for mounting on counter tops where our inset drip tray is not suitable. The free standing tray is without a waste outlet.
 Counter stand

Counter stand

The smart design of our stainless steel counter stands allow for our Supreme units to be installed where there is insufficient wall space, so the Supreme or Supreme SS is fitted to the stand and has fixing bolts to fit to the counter top.
 Additional taps

Additional taps

Our larger sized Supreme SS boiling water units are provided with one spout tap as standard, but can be fitted with two additional taps which are available as spares or to use in addition for added convenience in high demand environments.
 Water filter

Water filter system

Our Supreme water filter system reduces any impurities, odour and unpleasant taste. The filter head has an integral shut off valve, to facilitate quick, easy replacement of cartridges, after one year or 11,000 Litres, whichever is earliest.
 Replacement filter cartridge

Replacement filter cartridge

Designed for use with our Supreme or Supreme SS units, our replacement water filter cartridges are easy to fit, due to the clever design of the Supreme water filter system which has an integral shut off valve within the filter head.

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